How to include loved ones who have passed away

by Sam Starns

Your elopement is a memorable day. Your “best day yet” as I like to call it. And whether you have a few close loved ones present for your vows, there might still be someone missing who has passed away. But take heart, it can be really easy to incorporate them into your elopement! All it takes is a little preplanning and inspiration. Including a loved one who has passed away may provide comfort and potentially a little healing, and I know we all can benefit from that on some level.

The easiest way to start brainstorming ideas is to think about your loved one. Was there a special aspect about them? Did they have a favorite color? Were they obsessed with a certain plant? Disney character? Did they say something or give a piece of advice that you want to mention and pass on? There really isn’t a hard and fast rule on what you can include and what you can’t.

Here are several sweet and creative ways to make sure your loved ones are remembered and present on your wedding day:

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  • Incorporate their favorite flower into your elopement.
  • Include sentiments in your wedding vows.
  • Use temporary henna art to pay tribute.
  • Light a candle or lantern in their memory. (make sure this is allowed at your site!)
  • Have their favorite treat during your elopement.
  • Sew a swatch of fabric into your wedding day attire.
  • Have an empty chair reserved for them with a framed photo.

No matter how you decide to pay tribute, honoring your passed loved ones can be a beautiful aspect to your elopement. They may not be physically present, but you can feel their presence by including them and their personality and interests into your big day.

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