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An intimate wedding of close family and friends. Perfect for couples that want to focus on the smaller details while still celebrating with their loved ones.


Up to 50 people
Micro-weddings are perfect for the couple who is interested in spending more quality time with their guests than honoring wedding traditions. Most micro weddings I shoot do away with the garter toss, bouquet toss, cake cutting, and sometimes even the dancing and choose a meal around one table, yard games, or a more casual house party. It creates opportunities for more candid connections and memories with those closest to you!
Hannah Corella-Schilling

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Tips For Planning Your Micro-Wedding

Fill the day with all the things you love! Be willing to share your heart when you write your vows.
Linda R. Smith

Notes of Celebration

Don’t minimize the importance of your wedding! Having a micro wedding does not mean that you need to give up areas of a traditional wedding. It only means that you’re doing so on a smaller scale. You can still have all the things!
Cat Sewell

Sewell Sweets

Don’t be afraid to go a little extra with your decor and details. Have some fun with your gifts to family and friends. Micro weddings really give you the opportunity to make things more personable
Madi Erion

Prindle Mountain


What do you love most about micro-weddings?
I love more intimate weddings! I even had one myself and I have no regrets. Smaller weddings mean more intimate memories to me. They can also be a great way to have your dream wedding and not have it cost as much as it would with a larger guest count. Get everything you want and with all your closest friends and family!
Cat Sewell

Sewell Sweets

We love micro weddings! They really allow the couple to focus on each other and the few most important people in their life. I have found that my clients enjoy being able to afford a few more extravagant items due to the fact they have less guests. Sit down dinners, great guest favors, additional decor items, a full band, the sky is the Limit!
Carolyn O'Brien

Creative Celebrations

It’s a family affair. You can sense the family environment immediately.
Michah Christensen

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