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Now more than ever the wedding industry is leaning into, and perfecting, minimonies and micro-weddings. You will find that a lot of venues offer special discounts for smaller weddings. In general, minimonies offer benefits such as a lower overall budget, less logistics meaning a less stressful wedding day, more venue options, and more manageable wedding surprises. The sky is the limit with minimonies.


Minimony is a term that describes a commitment ceremony between you and your partner.


Up to 10 people

Minimony Venue Ideas

  • Nature – Parks, Beaches, cliffs (make sure to consider the bathroom situation with all of these suggestions…your guests will thank you later).
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shop
  • Vacation Rentals (make sure to ask the owner before booking)


What do you love about minimonies?
Very intimate. To think I am one of only a handful of people in this world witnessing this event‚ it’s really quite extraordinary when you think about it. What an honor!
Ernie Claeson

EC Matrimony

The intimacy and laid back feeling that comes only with having an elopement or minimony. It really frees up the couple to just soak in their moment feel all the emotions of their day. Plus – elopements usually come with EPIC views you just don’t see with a typical wedding venue.
Esther Rohr

Esther Rohr Photography

Intimate weddings can often be more relaxed than a larger ceremony. From my experience, the couple seems to be able to slow down and enjoy many of the moments a little more.
Kailee McMurran

Selkie Stationary