You’re Engaged Now What?


There is nothing quite like the blissful bubble of happiness when someone says “YES!” … followed by an avalanche of questions, opinions, planning, and financial stress. Keeping everything in perspective over the next few days, weeks, and months before the walk down the aisle will be key to keeping you and your partner’s sanity and will ultimately lead to the creation of a celebration as unique as your love.


Be prepared – From the second you make the announcement your friends and family will bombard you with questions, advice, opinions, etc. If possible, hold off for a few days, weeks, or however long you can before telling everyone. Take this time with your partner and just be happy. Enjoy this new milestone and savor the moment for as long as you can.


Remember #1? After announcing your engagement it’s important to expect all the questions. Questions on top of questions leading to even more questions. It can get overwhelming fast, causing you to make split-second decisions that you regret later just to have one less question to worry about! Stick to an information embargo. Keep responses to curious parties vague as you start pulling together ideas and working out the bigger details. There is a lot to consider and it’s overwhelming enough without all of the advice and opinions from others, regardless of how well intentioned. Be kind to yourself. Decision fatigue is real and preventable.


If there is one thing you get from this book, magazine, website, all of it, it’s this… BE TRUE TO YOURSELVES. Celebrating and honoring the amazing bond you have with your partner is a wonderful, beautiful thing. This whole event and process should reflect your love and commitment to each other. Build a ceremony around your style and tastes. If you love hiking and the outdoors, maybe an adventure wedding is for you. If you are foodies, allocate more of your budget for your favorite foods. If you are totally into Star Wars, pull out the lightsabers and commission a Death Star groom’s cake. There are NO WRONG CHOICES. If it brings you joy and happiness and makes you think of your partner, GO FOR IT! Find vendors that align with your vision and watch them bring your vision to life.