Nikki Gaither + Family

While the “first dance” is always a wedding favorite, another wedding dance trend has been growing in popularity over the years. We’ve reached out to Nikki Gaither, owner of PNW Wedding Dance to explain the trend.

Q: Why is the “last dance” trend picking up steam

A: While it used to be traditional for the bride & groom to leave the reception early, that is seldom the case any more.


1. It’s a great way to bring the focus of the party back to the couple

2. It creates a smooth transition from reception to exit.

3. It’s your last chance to surprise your guests with something they maybe weren’t expecting.

4. If you are torn between doing a fast or slow song for your first dance… problem solved! Choose one for first dance and the other for your last dance.

A special thank you to PNW Wedding Dance for sharing photos of Nathaniel & Cassidy’s timeless, sensational dance.

Venue: Columbia Gorge Hotel
Photos by: Lindsay Newton with Till Death Do We Adventure