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Reimagining Weddings

Wedding trends in a post-pandemic world

An 2022, an estimated 2.5 million weddings will take place in America. Out of these, about 20 percent were originally planned for 2021. Plus, half of the weddings initially scheduled for 2020 were pushed until 2021 or beyond.

It’s safe to say that the wedding industry has seen a lot of change over the past couple of years. We wanted to take the opportunity in this issue to reflect. Not just on the changes brought by COVID, but beyond that. Just as the people getting married have changed, the wedding trends, traditions, and perspectives that people bring to their wedding planning have changed too.

But some aspects of the union between two people – the significance of the moment, the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, the focus on love – remain timeless.

Breaking Traditions

At PNW Weddings, one wedding trend that we love to see (and that we can’t wait to see more of!) is weddings designed for and by the couple themselves. Historically, many couples married for their families or to fulfill social norms. That’s not to say they weren’t beautiful and meaningful occasions full of love. Still, many traditions and expectations held so much weight that they carried an inordinate influence on many couples.

Today we are seeing more and more couples getting married at the top of a mountain, in the company of llamas, with flash mobs, or at a carnival event, the list goes on and on and is as endless as the individuality of the couples themselves! Talk about some unique wedding trends!

As more couples prioritize their own happiness an ongoing wedding trend is to use their wedding as an opportunity to reflect on their relationship with all of the personality they can squeeze into the occasion. Weddings are getting more fun, exciting, and authentic than ever. We can’t wait to see what PNW couples come up with next.

But we know family is still important! For those trying to find a balance between creating the wedding they want and one that will satisfy their loved ones?

Pro Tips

“Ask family members what is important to them when it comes to the wedding. Doing so early in the planning process, and focusing on including their perspective around specific key features that are important to them, while saving other aspects of the wedding to decide solo can be a kind and considerate compromise.” Bend Weddings And Events, Naomi Russell

“As you are planning your wedding, ask yourself if you would still choose to do everything you’re planning to do if absolutely NO ONE cared what you decide. Imagine that no one cares if you don’t do extended family photos, would you still choose to do them? Or pretend nobody would care if you had ice cream instead of cake, would you do it?

Really take the time to think about why you’re choosing to do certain things. There is value in considering others’ feelings (let’s be honest, no one wants to be a bridezilla), but don’t forget to consider your own feelings during the planning process. The hope would be that you only have 1 wedding in your life, so make sure it is actually the wedding you want. ” Birman Visuals, Josh and Emma Birman

“Have your family member do the initial website searching with you so they know what you like and don’t like. Then you take over with specifics,”” Everlasting Events Co., Juliana Gabriel

Traditions and wedding trends Worth Breaking

1. Throw Out the Traditional Timeline

The natural order of weddings has been questioned more than ever in the post-pandemic world. We HIGHLY encourage couples to ditch the traditions and wedding trends that hold no meaning to them and lean in to the ones that they love. Are you both foodies? Add a culinary touch to the ceremony by having snacks served before the nuptials. Love music? Start the night out at the reception then break for the vows. The sky is the limit.

2. Quality over Quantity

Unique personal touches are making a comeback as more intimate affairs are on the rise. From unique tabletop designs to unique guest experiences. It’s no longer the size of the wedding that’s in focus, but the guest experience when celebrating your incredible day.

3. Who Handles the Pursestrings

Wedding planning is a huge undertaking logistically and financially. By controlling the overall budget yourself and having family members who want to contribute “sponsor” specific categories (like photography, or catering) you minimize the overwhelm of say and influence on the entire event. This also offers the opportunity to collaborate in a more focused and fulfilling way.

Find more advice on creating a wedding designed for you in the latest issue of our magazine!