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It’s easy to focus on how weddings have changed from the perspective of couples planning their celebration – it is a big and emotional day after all. But what about the tools being used to do all this planning? Learn why wedding pros and couples alike are using Rock Paper Coin to make the wedding planning experience easier than ever.

We’ve spoken with a lot of wedding professionals in the process of building this magazine. One thing that is very clear, running a small business requires a lot of organization and effort, outside of the passion that brought them into the wedding industry.

Wedding professionals often serve as their own marketing department, finance team, business development guru, and more on top of the actual products and services clients hire them to accomplish. You know… the thing they actually built a business to do. And for the couples themselves? Most likely they’re planning a wedding on top of an already busy life! Efficiency is the key to making the process as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

Portland-based company Rock Paper Coin was created to make things a little easier for wedding professionals and the organization-loving couples they serve. It’s not just a useful piece of technology for couples, but an intuitive system designed to streamline the vendor experience, allowing them to spend more time doing what they love – helping their client’s dreams come true.

We spoke with the Rock Paper Coin team to learn more.

q&A: Where did the idea of Rock Paper Coin come from?

We (Elizabeth and Nora) were out to drinks one afternoon swapping stories about how our roles as wedding planners at Bridal Bliss were changing. We were frustrated by the lack of digital tools available to planners for tracking proposals, contracts and invoices between planners, vendors and the couples getting married. There was such a deep lack of technology in the industry, we were left babysitting tech savvy couples in a very manual and outdated process. After trying out countless software programs from other industries, we finally said enough and naively set out to build what would become Rock Paper Coin.

Q&A: How does Rock, Paper Coin make wedding planning easier for couples planning their Pacific Northwest Wedding?

We have created a place for couples to manage and view all of their vendor contracts and invoices in one easy place. They can sign contracts and pay invoices with a click of a button, Add multiple payment types to help with budgeting, and upload + share files for your own reference or for your entire vendor team. If couples are working with a wedding planner they can even assign your planner certain permissions to streamline the process even more.

Q&A: What sets Rock Paper Coin apart from other tools or services?

Our secret sauce is our third party permissions feature. Wedding planners, who are commonly self-employed professionals, direct business and communications between their client; the couple to be married, and any number of third-party contractors such as florists, decorators, venue owners, caterers, musicians, or photographers. Rock Paper Coin is the first to unify all invested parties on one platform, allowing planners to seamlessly execute complex event coordination tasks and manage their business in a professional and organized manner.

Q&A: What advice do you have for wedding professionals?

For wedding pros, our advice would be to take the time to adopt technology. We know first hand that technology can seem overwhelming at first, learning a new system and getting rid of old habits is hard. But what is important for businesses to understand is that today’s couples expect a digital experience. Adopting digital tools for the backend and planning process will allow businesses to book more business (DocuSign reports an 80% increase in closing rates with e-signatures), streamline the planning process for couples, and automate the mundane tasks like sending payment reminders.

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