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3 simple wedding tech tools to make wedding planning a breeze

One of the stressors for many couples is the complicated wedding process. While technology can exacerbate some of these complications, tech tools can also ease the burden by offering ways for couples to organize their thoughts and the documents and paperwork that come along with vendor coordination. Below are a few of our favorite tech tools to help make wedding planning a breeze.


This tech tool might be obvious so we won’t spend too much time on it. Pinterest has been a game changer for couples looking to get married. It can be a valuable resource to help couples better envision what their dream wedding might look and feel like. Use the platform to create mood boards for everything from cakes to wedding attire to decor! These can be shared with vendors to help them better understand your dream style or aesthetic. Or search through other people’s boards for inspiration and creative ideas to add an extra touch of magic to the big day.

local facebook groups

There are many Facebook groups dedicated to wedding planning, and they can be an unexpectedly helpful tech tool. The PNW Weddings team belong to MANY of these groups and we are constantly inspired by the conversations taking place in them. Make sure to read the rules of each group you join and remember the following advice when posting:

  • When asking for wedding professional referrals make sure to list the location of your wedding, the date, and your budget.
  • Phrases like “reasonable”, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg”, and “budget” are VERY subjective terms and can be perceived negatively. Everyone has a budget. There is no shame in finding a wedding professional that is willing to work in yours. Do not be afraid to make the ask. The worst thing that someone can do is say no. Being open and honest about your actual budget helps narrow down your search.

Rock Paper Coin

Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. But a new service is here to help. Based out of Portland, OR, Rock Paper Coin describes itself as a “digital event binder,” but it’s so much more. It’s a service designed specifically to support the wedding planning process and vendors who work in the wedding industry.

Couples can use this tech tool to keep their vendor contracts and invoices in one place, sign and pay easily, upload files for vendors to reference, and more. Plus, those working with a wedding planner can add specific permissions to their planner’s account, helping them more easily communicate between vendors and their clients and saving everyone the headache of missing paperwork or confusing logistics.

On Rock, Paper, Coin you can:

  • Manage and view all of your vendor contracts and invoices in one easy place.
  • Sign contracts and pay invoices with the click of a button.
  • Add multiple payment types to help with budgeting
  • Upload and share files for your entire vendor team or for your own reference.
  • Assign planners certain permissions to streamline the process even more!
  • Easily view contracts and make payments directly from your phone or computer.

Pacific Northwest-based and women-owned Rock, Paper, Coin offers couples a dynamic platform to organize all of your contracts and payments safely IN ONE PLACE!

Directories (like ours!)

Looking to find wedding professionals and compare and contrast what they bring to the table? Check out the PNW Weddings Find Your Wedding Professionals page. Filter by location and specialty. Each wedding pro has a landing page that lets you know if they are licensed, insured, and how many years they have been serving couples across the PNW along with samples of their work and how to get in contact.