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Social media 101

How to create a wedding hashtag and make social media a fun part of your wedding planning

It may seem like everyone is creating a wedding hashtag these days. This trend has definitely grown in popularity in recent years, but many wedding pros are seeing more and more clients ask for a no-phones ceremony too.

A wedding hashtag can be a fun and creative way to curate all of the candid moments and memorable photos taken by wedding guests in one specific place across social media. This way couples and their guests can quickly go back and relive the magical memories without worrying they’ll be lost in the infinite scroll of the internet.

However, some couples may prefer to request limits on social media usage during their ceremony to encourage everyone to be more present and in the moment.

When it comes to social media, couples will likely find different expectations and perspectives from their guests, particularly if those guests span multiple generations. That’s okay! We’ll let you in on a secret – It doesn’t matter if every single guest is happy (that’s not possible anyway!), as long as the couple is. The most important thing about social media (or the lack thereof) is that it can be another opportunity to create a day that feels most authentic to them.

Set Expectations with a Social Media Policy

The most overarching guideline for navigating a wedding in the internet age is to be explicit and clear. Everyone’s relationship with social media and the internet is unique. Each wedding guest will have a different set of expectations and a different perspective on what may be appropriate or not. But if they’re coming to the wedding – chances are they care about the bride or groom.

That means they’ll likely do their best to respect the couple’s wishes, assuming of course that they know what those wishes are. Consider printing the wedding hashtag along with simple guidelines on a program or at a sign by the entrance (but keep it light and simple!) Or, for a more subtle approach, task someone with announcing to the group some social media ground rules before the ceremony begins to make sure that everyone is clear on the wishes of the bride and groom.

Effective communication helps set the scene for making sure your wedding day goes off the way you want it to. Make sure to speak with your photographer and videographer about their policies around guests taking photos during the event. Whether you are all about guests capturing and sharing your wedding or striving for an unplugged ceremony, one this is clear. Guests need guidance. Make sure to add your preferences on your wedding website with a reminder at the event itself.

Wedding Hashtag Helpers

For anyone who needs a little help – there are plenty of wedding hashtag generators out there to jumpstart your creativity and give you some options:

social media 101: 

Creating a designated social media space

Planning to hire a photobooth vendor? Great! Consider asking them if they can optimize the booth for social media. They may already have a method to automatically upload the shots to platforms like Instagram or Facebook. But even if you’re going without a vendor, consider creating a social media friendly spot during the reception where you can encourage folks to snap a shot with their friends. This could be anything from a cute thematic background to an oversized photo frame or any decor that fits the aesthetic of the wedding and provides an inviting space for guests.

choose a wedding hashtag people will remember

If you’re going to incorporate social media into your wedding, a thematic wedding hashtag is a must. First things first – stick with a relatively simple phrase, a few words that are reflective of your relationship. You can’t go wrong with combining nicknames, especially if you can add some alliteration or rhyming into the mix. A meaningful moment or inside joke can add a personal touch and serve as a conversation starter for wedding guests.

Don’t forget to do a quick search on existing hashtags before you settle on one to make sure you and your wedding guests will be the only ones using the hashtag to memorialize the big day.

Step out of your comfort zone

If you’re looking for an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles, the sky’s the limit, especially with video content! Take a break from the wedding planning stress by making a few reels or TikToks of the process. Play around with scripted content, develop fictional characters through which to explore some of the silliest parts of the planning, or maybe share the stage with the rest of the family through content from your pet or child’s point of view. It might sound strange but it could be an unexpectedly fun way to stay grounded and have something fun to build with your partner that can extend beyond the wedding.

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