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Do Good and Save Money with a Wedding Dress Donation

 Think all wedding boutiques are the same? Think again. With wedding dress donations on the rise, there are more ways than ever to create a wedding that honors your values without sacrificing your style.

Founded in 2012, Brides For A Cause offers brides who want to reduce their environmental impact, who love thrift store shopping, or who just want to support a good cause a new way to find their gown. With locations across the region, their boutiques are full of beautiful dresses of all styles, sure to fit any wedding budget, that all have one unique thing in common – they’ve been donated to the store.

Unlike most bridal boutiques, Brides for a Cause operates as a nonprofit, running a wedding dress recycling program where individuals and bridal stores from all over the country canprovide wedding dress donations. Once a dress is donated, Brides For a Cause will make any repairs necessary, clean it, assess the price, and then it goes back on the rack for a new bride to find!

But let’s be clear – donated doesn’t mean old, ugly, or even necessarily pre-owned by another individual.

“We are defying what ‘second-hand’ means. You are shopping inventory that’s not normally stocked in the area,” Brides for a Cause Owner Erin Scharf explains. “The majority of gowns donated are samples from other stores. In fact, 70% of the donated gowns are designer samples that have been discontinued or are being cycled out of stores across the US. Our clients can walk out spending $500 for a gown that valued at over $3,000.”

Brides For a Cause offers brides-to-be a sustainable way to save money while finding their dream dress, and gives those who have recently been married a way to ensure that their beloved gown continues to live on and be appreciated by future couples for years to come.

Ditch the foam“Couples are being more practical Eco-conscious, they are coming to us to help the environment and their wallets without sacrificing style. Brides now more than ever are looking for more economical and sustainable options. We are here to help!”

Brides For a Cause, Erin Scharf

The best part? Proceeds from the purchases support local and national nonprofits dedicated to supporting women! Any dress donated is tax-deductible and they’re always on the lookout for new organizations to support. Since 2012, Brides for a Cause has recycled over 23,000 wedding dresses and raised over $1,400,000 for charity.


Wedding dress donations (and shopping opportunities!) abound at each of Brides for a Cause four locations in the region:

PORTLAND: 2505 SE 11th Ave, Suite 120, Portland, OR 97202, (503) 282-4000,

TACOMA: 2711 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406, (253) 272-5000,

SEATTLE: 6514 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, (206) 420-1350,

SACRAMENTO: 1114 21st Street, Suite B, Sacramento, CA 95811, (916) 594-9680,


Brides for a Cause is always accepting wedding dress donations year-round from brides all over the US! They accept wedding dresses 5 years and newer, as well as bridal accessories.

1) Complete the Donation Form.

2) Value It! – Donations are tax deductible. Please talk with your tax advisor to determine the value of your donation. 

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