sustainable invitations


At first thought, sustainable invitations may sound impossible, especially for couples who want physical paper goods. Although many couples are now opting for digital wedding invitations versus traditional paper invites, the allure of printed stationery still has its appeal and not everyone has regular access to email. While keeping the planet in mind, and keeping a dream wedding vision alive as well, there are a surprising number of ways for PNW couples to invite, welcome, direct, and thank their wedding guests using sustainable invitations.

The following blog is full of alternatives and easy options for making your invites and signage more eco-friendly.

An Insider Look with Selkie Stationery

What services or options do you offer to clients seeking more eco-friendly options?

Being sustainable in the stationery world is really hard! I try here at Selkie Stationery to be as sustainable as possible: printing and ordering locally, using recycled papers, offering digital invitations, up-cycling packaging, and using reusable return address stamps. I also focus on limiting the amount of waste, recycling plastics, etc,. But, being 100% eco-friendly isn’t always possible. So, I try to make up for it in my personal life.

“If couples choose to use a paper RSVP they can add a fun response element on the back (example: draw us a picture or share a favorite memory with us) and once RSVPs are returned they can be bound into a mini book to look back on,”

Selkie Stationery, Kailee McMurran

Seed Paper

Printed invites, envelopes, and RSVPs can be made with seed paper to be planted later for flowers and trees to grow out of. This way couples can utilize sustainable invitations and guests can take advantage of the opportunity for the invites to turn into a beautiful natural reminder of the big event.

QR Codes

Thinking of going fully digital? QR code menus and seating charts eliminate the printing of numerous place cards and paper menus that would otherwise get thrown away. QR Codes can provide one of the most sustainable invitations options for couples who don’t mind digital options.

Chalkboard and Mirrors

Chalkboards, mirrors, and doodle boards allow for hand-drawn or sticker lettering which can easily be removed (or changed at the last minute if needed), and the boards can be donated/repurposed after the wedding.

Meet and Greet Map

Want to provide wedding guests with a “meet and greet” opportunity while cutting back on paper goods? Replace traditional place cards with a map of the reception dining area on display and let everyone work together to find their table.

Courting Calligraphy

choose to rent rather than buy signage

One big way that couples and vendors are making environmentally conscious choices is by utilizing materials that are upcycled, recycled, or repurposed instead of producing more of the same. Visit companies like Courting Calligraphy and Happy Heart Art Company. Not only do they do killer hand-lettered art they also offer rentals of items that can and have been repurposed. Instead of buying single-day use signage, consider renting these items. They are fully customizable and taken care of by wonderful wedding pros that can steer you in the right direction.


Antique picture frames, window frames, and old mirrors can be fitted with plywood or plexiglass sheets to make signs have a vintage, rustic vibe.


If digital “thank you” cards won’t suffice, consider other green ways of honoring wedding guests such as making a charitable donation in their name.

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind when thinking about how to create an eco-friendly wedding. For more ideas on sustainable food and drink options, attire, decor, and more check out our third issue.