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with sustainable floral arrangements and Community Spirit

 Flowers have always been an integral part of our lives, be it for celebrating your special day, brightening up a room, or expressing love and gratitude. And Slow Cult run by Alexis Ramblings is a business that not only provides breathtaking sustainable floral arrangements but also nurtures a culture of community.

Established in the heart of Portland, this Alexis offers an extensive range of beautiful and unique blooms, expertly crafted into stunning sustainable floral arrangements that are sure to make any event or space more special. From delicate, fragrant peonies to bold and bright sunflowers, every flower is hand-selected with care and thought to create an arrangement that is not only beautiful but also memorable.

But what sets Slow Cult apart from other florists is its commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the impact that flower production and delivery has on the environment, Slow Cult has made it a top priority to use eco-friendly practices throughout its operations. From sourcing its flowers from local and organic farmers to reducing waste by using recyclable packaging, Alexis strives to minimize its carbon footprint.

In addition to being environmentally conscious, Alexis is also deeply rooted in the community. Slow Cult regularly collaborates with local organizations and events to bring the beauty of flowers to those in need, and supports small businesses and artists by featuring their products in its shop. By doing so, Slow Cult not only enriches the community with its floral creations but also helps to strengthen the local economy.

Slow Cult is a business that not only provides stunning sustainable floral arrangements but also nurtures a culture of sustainability and community.

With their commitment to eco-friendly practices and support of local initiatives, Alexis and Slow Cult is a true standout in the PDX floral industry. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessories to complement your wedding attire, a creative artist to enhance your wedding venue, a special gift or simply want to add some life to your home, be sure to contact Alexis of Slow Cult.

q&A: Why sustainable floral arrangements? What do you love about your chosen path? In general, you could build a business doing anything… why SlowCult?

Did you know that on average one US wedding creates 400lbs of waste and 62 tons of CO2 on average? And wedding flowers do play a significant role in those figures. I became a florist because I have always been artistic and wanted a career in which using my hands to create was at the core, but the other side of that is my love for nature.

The way I see it, finding more sustainable ways to create contemporary artful flowers is the least I can do since my medium literally grows out of the ground. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

One of the ways SlowCult cuts back on waste and emissions is through forming relationships with local growers in Oregon and Washington allowing me to get to know their growing processes, put money back into the local economy, support small and often female owned businesses, as well as get my floral clients the freshest best looking blooms for their wedding day. Some other examples are never using toxic flower foam, composting as much natural material as possible, and recycling and reusing whenever possible.

Q&A: What kinds of activities/classes do you offer to wedding parties outside of the wedding day? 

While your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, it’s likely not the only one you want to commemorate with florals! We love welcoming bridal parties into our floral studio in Sellwood Portland for fun creative classes like flower crown creation, floral centerpiece design, and tablescape design, all perfect for the DIY bride and wedding party. We also love to follow up with our couples in all seasons of their life by offering seasonal holiday flowers as well as special custom designs for anniversaries and are happy to deliver around Portland, OR.

If someone would like to reach out to you, what’s the best method to do so?

To reach out to us about wedding florals and more email any time! or head to our website to fill out an inquiry form for your upcoming wedding day. To see behind the scenes for all things floral and get the most up to date inspiration and class information follow us @ttheslowcult on instagram. 

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