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Expert Advice for Planning Your Dream Themed Celebration

Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you geek out about your Halloween costume every year? Maybe you and your partner share a passion for carnivals. We all have that thing that we love. And for us, themed weddings are one of those things. When that unique passion is shared with your significant other, your mutual hobby can be a source of joy that brings the two of you even closer. Who says you can’t incorporate that into your wedding? Or even create a whole wedding around it? Celebrating that connection can be translated into your wedding in fun and unforgettable ways. We consulted the experts for advice on planning your themed wedding.

Themed weddings aren’t for everyone, but for some couples, they can be the perfect reflection of the what makes their relationship, and love, unique.

No matter how niche or obscure the interest, wedding professionals can help you come up with creative ways to incorporate your passion into your ceremony.

Speak with a coordinator and let them help you design the perfect themed wedding! Ask your photographer what will look best in photos and what will not. This will create an amazing and fun experience for all!

Krista Stone

Barcstone Photography

And for those who want to incorporate your passion in some way without it taking center stage? There are plenty of options for that too. What we love about incorporating a theme is that it can be done with as much subtlety, or as much spectacle, as the couple would like!

Emily Bennett from Orcas Photo & Video suggests making some sort of photo backdrop or including a themed activity that guests can partake in if they’re interested. Like polaroids on tables, it can be a great memento that is still entirely volunteer and doesn’t detract from the ceremony.

Lauren Johnson with Mystache Photo has worked with couples who didn’t want a whole themed wedding, but have instead incorporated elements of their passion by asking guests to dress in particular themed costumes for the reception.

The wedding experts agree, don’t overlook the small details. In their experience guests notice (and appreciate!) the small details more than we often think. More likely than not, they would love to help you come up ideas. Sometimes a special prop for photos, themed socks, or a unique hairpiece can be the perfect nod to a shared passion. 

There is very little we love more than discovering little Easter Egg details when we go through wedding albums. These are those little sneaky hidden messages about the couples that make these celebrations so special.

I’ve had climbers use a carabiner to hold their wedding rings, bookworms read a passage to each other from their favorite book, skiers take a run as their ceremony exit down the slopes…
Erica Swantek

Erica Swantek Photography

Regardless of whether you’d like to deck your wedding out to the nines to reflect a theme or prefer a more subtle approach, Emily has some great words of advice, “Going with inspiration and your gut can never be wrong. Do what you want for yourself and don’t let others talk you out of it!”

We Asked… The Pros Shared!

What is the most memorable themed wedding you have participated in?

“My favorite is the fair and Viking wedding! Bride had wings on, groom shaved part of his head, and they did traditional Viking ceremony. Was so much fun!”

BarcStone Photography, Krista Stone

“Halloween themed wedding: Guests arrived in Halloween costumes, trick or treat candy bar, a butcher shop themed buffet table, and bride and groom had a costume change for reception. The couple wore black and red for their dressy outfit and had no white at all”

MyStache Photo, Lauren Johnson

“Star Wars partially themed wedding that took place on May 4th and included Star Wars music for the just married aisle exit song, their getaway car driver was dressed up as Darth Vader and party favors were Star Wars cookies but the rest of the wedding was classic and timeless looking.”

Myrtle Creative Co., Ann Marie

“Can you say…Up?…yes, as in the movie, Up! It may have had something to do with the fact that the couple met working in a children’s dentist office, the groom the dentist, the bride the receptionist, but this couple loved all things Up! From the cake, to the ice sculpture to the many, many balloons, it was a truly one-of-a-kind wedding!”

Creative Celebrations Wedding and Event Planning, Carolyn O’Brien