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BREAKING DOWN THE WEDDING PHotography investment

When we talk about wedding photography investments in financial terms the best analogy I can think of is icebergs. Most people only see the surface… $3,000 for 8 hours?!…. But that’s only a small fraction of the time involved in taking on a couple’s big day.

Let’s Talk Numbers…

Photographers like Krista Stone of Barcstone Photography typically devote and block off 80 hours for each wedding couple they take on.

Straight numbers $3k/80 hours = $37.50 and that’s before you add in the overhead costs, equipment and software fees, second shooter wages, etc.

I hope by reading this you are able to understand why “investment” is the truest term over “package”. While you are investing your money with your wedding photographer, they are investing a piece of their life capturing your special day.

One MAJOR red flag to look for is if your photographer is a great deal but doesn’t have you sign a contract. The contract is in place to protect you as well as them. It should set CLEAR expectations around the scope of work and $$ exchanged. MAKE SURE TO HAVE A CONTRACT FOR EVERY WEDDING PROFESSIONAL YOU WORK WITH!

Top Tips for Choosing a Photographer

  1. Review their website for portfolio + testimonials
  2. Review their social media profiles (most update these before their websites)
  3. Trust Your Gut
  4. Communicate efficiently – most “office hours” are Tuesday-Thursday
  5. Review contract THOROUGHLY. Be aware of timeline when photos will be delivered and payment due dates

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