vow renewal

Vow Renewals

An underappreciated source of celebration and love

Sewell Sweets
Sewell Sweets

Krista Stone of BarcStone Photography is no stranger to vow renewals, having just celebrated one herself at Lavender Owl Farm.

In 2015, Krista and her husband married after only two months of dating. While their children from previous marriages could attend their elopement, other friends and family were not able to join them. As two single parents, they realized that they couldn’t afford a full wedding at the time. They hoped and planned that in a few years, once they had settled into their life as a combined family and were in a more secure financial situation the time would be right to for a full vow renewal ceremony and celebration.

“I’m really glad we did it. I feel like we actually had a wedding. Everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces.”

“I’m really glad we did it. I feel like we actually had a wedding.” She says about the experience. “Everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces.” For Krista and her husband, the vow renewal was healing, a day of love, and a time to be surrounded by people who love, support, and celebrate them and the life they have built together.

Kirsta has photographed a number of vow renewals and she knows the reasons behind them are as varied as the couples getting married.

“Covid has romanticized weddings again.” She explains that the pandemic, in particular, has taken so much from so many couples and that many of her clients are turning to vow renewals as a way to center and experience the excitement of celebrating love.

Krista’s Vow

Renewal Vendors

Venue: Lavender Owl Farm | Canby, OR

Coordinator: Periwinkle Events NW LLC | Boring, OR

Catering: Mundo Catering | Portland, OR

Florals: Reds Creations | Gresham, OR

Photographer: Sightglass Photography | Portland, OR

Desserts: Tres Belle Deserts | Portland, OR

DJ: DJ Ulabarra | Happy Valley, OR

Hair + Makeup: Victoria Rosenbalm | Vancouver, WA

Bartending: Aaron Warren | Vancouver, WA

Krista’s Tips for an Amazing Vow Renewal

Have Fun

Remember to have fun! When you’re already married, the pressure and expectation of getting married can ease, and you can focus on just appreciating the day.

Build Your Dream Team

Hire a wedding coordinator and a DJ. If the goal is to celebrate, have fun, and minimize the stress – a wedding coordinator and a DJ are vital roles in making that happen. A wedding coordinator may seem like an extravagance, especially for a vow renewal. Still, they specialize in taking the pressure off and helping to make sure every little detail is accounted for so the married couple can be fully present.

And the importance of a DJ? That’s obvious. If you want people on the dance floor, just turning on an iPod and letting it go just isn’t going to cut it. Just because you can do it yourself does not mean you should. Build your team and let them take on the stress and logistics.

Roll With The Hiccups

For couples looking to have a summer event, include shade. Guests will forget everything about the ceremony if they’re baking in the sun. But, more broadly, with a vow renewal, just like any other event, it’s important to remember to plan for the weather and for things to go wrong because chances are something will.


Most importantly? As with a wedding, remember that things will go wrong. That’s okay! The goal is to appreciate the love between you and your partner. Everything else is a bonus. Relax and enjoy it.