Ribbon and Twine Floral

The Bend Floral Artistry story happened with a seed being planted, much like the life of a flower. Owner/floral designer, Emily Miller, had been working part time in the wedding/event planning industry for several years to accompany her “real” job in logistics and exports. The exposure to the world of weddings was a fun, creative outlet that she enjoyed very much and relished each opportunity to share a couple’s big day with them. At a wedding show, she and her industry partner did a grand floral installation as part of their booth display and suddenly the seed was planted. Working with floral was another fun and creative extension of her work in the wedding industry, highlighting her artistic passions and her horticulture experience. Emily spent her college years working with a landscape design company so floral design literally took her back to her roots. The tiny seed planted at that wedding show grew and, with a lot of work and care, finally a business was sprouted. Now Bend Floral Artistry is creating floral installations and art for weddings all around Central Oregon.




3.5 Years

Woman-Owned Business