People often say their wedding day is one of the best days of their lives. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your story, with a confident, fresh, love-washed start. My job (the best job ever!) is to capture all the energy and joy of your biggest day in timeless photos you’ll come back to again and again.

Taking photos isn’t a side hustle or just a hobby for me – it’s a full-time job that I get to pour my heart, soul and love of love into! Because I’m based in Washington, most of my work has been here and in the Pacific Northwest, but I’ve also shot Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, London and beyond. I’ve been a full time photographer for over 10 years and have been part of over 100 weddings, so I’m confident with any weather, lighting scenario or vibe. My relaxed but refined approach to photos will ensure you and your people feel confident behind the camera, so you can focus on being you and having the time of your lives.

Also, I’m not a robot or ChatGPT, so I understand emotions, personality and unique style, which leaves you with photos that feel like you and not like everyone else.

My amazing husband, Daniel, is a videographer (sidebar: he is also our home chef, a model, and the best papa to our sweet toddler – he really is wonderful!) so we also offer wedding videos. And! We just added a photobooth to our services, which is a super fun and easy way to get instant snaps and GIFs of your party for yourself and your guests.

Ok, so now I need to hear about you. Let’s connect!



10 Years