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“Budget” Shouldn’t Be A Four-Letter Word

By Beverly Luke

One of the most critical and often stressful components of wedding planning is setting an established budget and sticking to it. Although some couples might balk at the idea of discussing finances at a time when love and romance reign supreme, the fact remains that everyone has a budget. Regardless of your financial situation, a financial plan is critical…

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In Memoriam – How To Include Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

By Sam Starns

Your elopement is a memorable day. Your “best day yet” as I like to call it. And whether you have a few close loved ones present for your vows, there might still be someone missing who has passed away. But take heart, it can be really easy to incorporate them into your elopement! All it takes is a little preplanning and …

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Adventure Elopements – A Chat with Sam Starns

By Lauren Allee

When you live in the Pacific Northwest you can’t help but LOVE the amazing opportunities to be one with nature. I have to admit, I was not aware before I started researching weddings in the PNW that “adventure elopements” were even a thing… now I’m a bit obsessed. Sam Starns the genius behind Sam Starns Adventure Elopements and author of Elope Your …

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