Ribbon and Twine Floral

Dream Cakes has been one of Portland’s most celebrated custom wedding cake companies since 1994. Back then, this small bakery was owned & operated solely by Judy Reese for 20 years, she retired in 2014. Judy’s replacement, Johannah, trained for over a year, learning every recipe and technique Judy had to offer. Both Judy and Johannah envisioned that Dream Cakes would serve the local Portland area for many generations and weddings to come.

Dream Cakes is far from a factory production bakery. We strongly believe in quality over quantity. Every ounce of our time, love & care goes into making each individual cake because we want to ensure that we create the wedding cake of your dreams. At our bakery, everything is made from scratch with local ingredients and nothing is ever frozen. Our goal is to destroy the stigma that wedding cake is bad. You & your guests deserve the best wedding cake ever!

2450 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232