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Linda Smith, pianist with Notes of Celebration. I love to play for weddings, especially when I can play the music you love, music that is meaningful to you and your family. I provide that experience “in the moment” and leave you with a wonderful book of musical memories!

I can bring my own keyboard if there is no piano available. I also can add a violinist and or a cellist to the music ensemble. My repertoire is large and I am willing to learn new music.

A consultation is provided in the music package – in person, on zoom, by phone or email.


19+ Years

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Notes of Celebration


Linda was instrumental in helping us carry out a lovely, albeit small church wedding during this pandemic. Prior to enforced scale back, Linda was very welcoming and played all sorts of piano pieces as we sat in her living room, listened, brainstormed and decided upon a few choices. In addition, she arranged for a violinist as well. Despite all the changes that occurred following this first encounter, Linda remained in touch and completely engaged in the wedding ceremony despite a change of dates and times. But, most of all, the music was lovely and amazing. With our small gathering (15 people or so), her music filled the empty church and created a fabulous ambience. I would highly recommend Linda for her talent, accommodation, and honest interest in your event.

Linda was truly amazing to work with! As a bride whose original wedding was cancelled due to Covid-19, it meant so much to me to work with someone so flexible and kind. With all of the stress of trying to change wedding dates and then creating a very small wedding, it was nice to have someone who was easy to work with during all of the changes. Apart from her amazing flexibility, the music she played was absolutely beautiful. Since the wedding was in a church and small, the music played an even more important part in making the ceremony as special as it was. I highly recommend using Linda for live music at your wedding. You won’t regret it!


Linda was amazing! We recently got married and it was sooner than anticipated due to COVID 19…Linda really did us a huge favor by letting us book her a few days before our wedding date. She was very professional and fast on replying to us. She did an amazing job setting up and had a very good presentation. She suggested us a very good selection of classical music and really enhanced the experience and the moment! Once again, Linda, you did an amazing job. Thank you so much!
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Meet Linda

I have always been passionate about music. From an early age, I was influenced by my grandfather, an accomplished musician, and I showed a great deal of talent. It was his reminder to me to always play to “touch the heartstrings” that gave Notes of Celebration its tag line. I am so thankful to God that I can build a career with the musical talents he has given me!

Notes of Celebration

As a teen, I was called upon to play the organ and piano at Sunday services – the music has never stopped (and I still do today!). Throughout the years, I have played for family and friends at their weddings and events and as an accompanist in community theater; I have also taught hundreds of students, both in the public-school system and through private piano lessons.
With a deep faith in God and a desire to honor the gifts He has blessed me with, I stepped away from my teaching career and into a full time professional musical career, launching Notes of Celebration in 2002.

Since starting the business, I’ve experienced a happiness and satisfaction best expressed as “joy given, joy received.” I’m most fulfilled by seeing the joy and peace that music can bring to others and the connection I establish with my audiences and fellow performers. When clients have favorite music in mind for their wedding or event and I’m able to provide it, real magic happens.
I love to travel, hike and attend musical performances with my husband of 46 years. I also enjoy spending time with my adult children and 7-year-old grandson, Quinton.
The flexibility that my music career offers has also enabled me to make deeper connections with friends and family and to give back some of my time through church ministries.