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Sam Starns is a TEDx speaker, author, elopement expert and movement leader in adventure elopement photography. After regretting her own traditional wedding, she began her mission to empower individuals to become unapologetically themselves by creating a wedding day and life that they can be uniquely proud of.



5 Years

Woman-Owned Business

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Choosing a great photographer is the most important wedding decision to make, second only to choosing your spouse. We could not be happier in choosing Sam as our adventure elopement photographer. It was the best decision we made for our day. I went to do some research on Reddit when my (now) husband and I started to consider eloping. The very first post on the Eloping subreddit that day, someone mentioned her and linked to her Wandering Weddings page, where I then found her website.
We were immediately sold, and this choice went on to shape the best day of our life. Sam really helped curate the day and make our vision come alive, just like we imagined. Even better, really. Our day was light, fun, romantic, and we felt so ALIVE. Sam’s direction was fantastic, and we loved her games like, “The Floor is Lava” (if you know, you know). It didn’t even feel like “direction”.
We now recommend Sam before anyone can even ask. We’re always looking at our pictures all googly eyed, and it’s great to have tangible memories that we can share with our family and friends. There were so many intimate moments captured together, so many smiles, so many laughs. It was an incredible experience. It was an unimaginably perfect, PERFECT day.
She knows what she’s doing, a true professional, but it was also so genuine. She wrote a book. She even did a TEDx Talk on eloping!! We were both like whaaaaat!!! Yes, woman, kill it! Seriously, hire Sam, great pics are sooo important, but it was more than pictures, it was an experience. It was worth every penny. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. Break from tradition and do something for YOU that you can share with each other.
Nikkole C.

“Our elopement in Alaska with Sam was so epic. Our friends kept saying that our elopement announcement photo should be used for Alaska’s tourism! The whole elopement experience was completely worth it. The mine, glacier, and reindeer farm were all perfect additions to the day where we climbed a mountain and said “I do”. It felt good to do what we wanted. It wasn’t like we were trying to exclude anyone, but an Alaska elopement was just what we felt more comfortable doing.
Sam’s communication was on point (I love a quick response and she was on it) and she gave us so many location/activity recommendations that were so helpful, whether she’d been there already or not. And the whole Elope Your Life aspect? It was present in our day, with trying new things and getting outside our comfort zone. It was also a great reminder to continue that bravery and exploration in our lives. With Sam there to capture it, we forded a glacial stream, hiked a mountain, were surrounded by reindeer, kissed a moose, and explored an old mine in the mountains of Alaska.
To anyone wanting to elope – do it. We now have so many friends and family who wish they did what we did.”
Ashland W.

“Our day was so kickass. It wasn’t stressful in the least, and the few loved ones that witnessed our ceremony had a great time too! Working with Sam was SO easy, she made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera and her resources were everything we needed. Looking to elope? Congratulations! Now go see Sam LOL!”

Jaclyn H.


Destination Adventure Elopments 

(Outside the United States)

Starting at $6,800

Domestic Adventure Elopements

(Inside the United States)

Starting at $4,900

Adventure Sessions

Starting at $1,500

For couples & single sessions, and surprise proposals (I’ll bring the champagne!). 

Taken on a very limited basis.



Based in the PNW, I, along with my “Elope Your Life” team, help free-spirited and fun couples craft enthusiastic elopment days in dramatic places.


Sam Starns

Sam Starns

What’s up?! I’m Sam. Rachel and I might be consummate elopement professionals, but we’re far from formal. When you work with me, you’re working with a friend. One who signs an email “xo”, not “Regards”, and one who considers you not just clients or a couple, but MY people. When we’re out hiking, there are just as likely to be funny (or lame) jokes/puns as there are epic sunsets, wildlife, and spectacular memories.

Yes, there might be poop jokes. Yes, we’ll be laughing at inappropriate things. Yes, I will likely have a Diet Coke in my car fueling me on the big day (just let me know if you want one too, so I can grab you one!).

I believe elopement experiences come down to relationships. Not just between you two, but between all of us. It allows for connection, comfortability, exploration, and ultimately a kickass adventure.

Sam Starns


What’s up?! I’m Rachel (call me Rach). I’m passionate about travel, advocating for kids with special needs and reading novels (esp. anything Austen or LeGuin). I’m a big believer in living and loving authentically, and I had my own adventurous elopement (in Belize). I am excited to serve as a guide and photographer on a couples’ most magical day.

Whether you work with me or Sam, your images and experience will be in line with the same style, composition and edits.

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