Spiced Up Co
Spiced Up Co. is a family owned business based out of the PNW. Each item is handmade and studied to perfection. What started out as a door-to-door candle business has now blossomed into an International company in less than a year.

All products are made simple and in small batches. This allows you to know and understand what is going onto your body and in the air you breath. With small batches the aromas have the ability to last longer and stronger.

SE Tenino St, Portland, OR 97202

Spiced Up Co
Spiced Up Co

Here at Spiced Up Co. we offer customized wedding candles for the Bride + Groom’s special day.

Every candle can be customized to add:

Wedding Location

Quote or Phrase that resonates with the couple

Bride and Grooms’ name

Date of Wedding

In addition to these options you have the ability to:

Create a Custom Scent

Design your Label

Choose your Candle Vessels

Create a Color Pallet for Wax, Label, Etc.