Photographers, wedding professionals, brides and grooms, get your photos, videos, and content published by PNW Weddings! We’re always on the lookout for inspiring photos and content to publish online and in our magazine. We’re focused on content that empower couples to work with their vendors to create the type of wedding that THEY want, beyond the stereotypes and trends that mainstream culture and publications promote.

We are looking for ALL KINDS of weddings, from intimate elopements to micro weddings, to the biggest and most elaborate celebrations. We are also looking for content from couples with all different tastes and styles and want to highlight wedding professionals and couples who have traditionally been marginalized by the mainstream wedding industry. All of our content strives to show that wedding celebrations can and should reflect the couple at the center of it all.

Does any of that sound like you or your work? If so, we’d love to see it!


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By submitting this form, we assume you have received proper releases from any individuals and locations features in the photos. We also assume you are only submitting photos your clients have approved for publication. Photos you submit may be featured in the digital version of our quarterly magazine, our website (, via our social media channels or all of the above and all wedding pros you have submitted will be credited and possibly tagged when posted via social media depending on the content/context of the social media post. We reserve the right to determine which images are published in print and online. By submitting photography or artwork, PNW Weddings LLC is guaranteed that: a) The use of art in connection with the magazine title will not infringe or violate the rights of any other person or entity, including without limitation, any copyright, trademark or service markright, or violate any applicable law. b) The supplier of the art/photography hereby agrees he/she will obtained adequate and proper releases, permissions, licenses or other authorizations from all persons and entities who or which provide services, materials or rights with respect to the work at the time of submission of final artwork who would claim any interest or right, direct or indirect. Public figures or celebrities are exempt from signing a release. You also agree to notify the wedding professionals that this gallery has been submitted and is being considered for publication.

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