PNW Weddings was developed out of a desire to see a new kind of wedding resource. One that prioritizes accessibility, relevance, and a connection to the local community. Today’s couples have changed and the types of weddings they want have changed too. We’re all about embracing the new ways that couples have begun coming together to celebrate their love, the new services that have popped up to support them, and the vendors who make it all possible.

We believe that everyone deserves resources and access to information that recognizes this, helps make the planning process less overwhelming, more inspiring, and perhaps even a little fun.

We launched the first issue of the magazine in the fall of 2021 and have been growing ever since. Our goal is to serve as a digital hub providing a diverse array of vendors, resources, and expert insights to help couples throughout the Pacific Northwest get the support and information they need to take the stress out of wedding planning.

Our Process

We’re working hard to showcase as many of the beautiful and amazing small businesses in the region as we can. That being said, we only have so many pages in the magazine (or characters on social media!) to go around. If you want to be featured in our magazine, please reach out! Our collaborators are always our first go-tos for features, shout-outs, newsletter sponsorships and more.


We’re also always looking for content (especially photos!) from local couples and vendors, and will often reach out specifically for submissions to choose our next cover image. When we include content, we’ll be sure to tag the vendor that submitted it, but we ask that photographers be responsible for informing all of the other vendors involved in the shoot that the photo will be featured.

As much as we’d love to tag all of the makeup artists, stylists, florists, and whoever else was involved behind the scenes in making the pictures we choose beautiful, for the sake of our small but mighty staff, we can only focus on highlighting the vendor who provided the photo (and owns the rights to it). We’ll rely on them to inform, shout-out, and uplift everyone else involved.


Who is “we”

PNW Weddings was created by me… Lauren Allee. This publication and I have no ties to any other wedding related publication or business in the Pacific Northwest. I have put together a team of amazing professionals that help make this entire passion project possible. We are the definition of “small business”.

So who am I? I am a single mother and working professional based in the southwest suburbs of Portland, OR. My team and I collaborate online, and the website and magazine are all built from my home office… it’s very glamorous, as I am listening to my dryer in the background as I’m writing this. My background is in graphic design and business management. From a young age I’ve been obsessed with weddings. I graduated from the Art Institute in Chicago, IL and worked for a time at Chicago Bride Magazine. I was the manager of the largest bridal shop in Indiana (at the time) for six years before I made my journey west over a decade ago.

I came up with PNW Weddings in 2021 as I was planning my own weddings (which was ill-fated, but it re-sparked my love for the wedding industry so I’m calling it a win). I felt like I was missing out on so many wedding professionals that weren’t being represented. As an older couple (late 30’s), what we were looking for wasn’t really what was being promoted and featured on the major wedding sites. As an analytical person I felt like I didn’t even really know what questions to ask, how to narrow down what type of wedding professionals were out there, or even where to start. Then I started thinking… What if there was a publication out there focused on collaborating with wedding professionals to help build content that helps educate couples on who they are, what they do, and provides insight into the process and tips and tricks of -their life’s work. What if there was a publication that shows all types of weddings, that celebrates all types of couples with varying tastes and budgets? What if there was a publication that takes a step back as to what we think of when we hear the word “wedding”?

I thank you for checking us out! We are growing and experimenting daily. This is just the beginning and I look forward to serving the wedding community for years to come!



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