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Kinda freaking out? Honey, I got you!

From emotions to execution – Zilla offers wedding coaching and coordination services to empower engaged couples to both enjoy your big day and the journey to getting there. I am here to coach you through the craziness, listen to how loony your family is, empower your decision to do ABC and XYZ, and create an enjoyable wedding planning experience.

My happy place is white cheddar popcorn, wine tasting, reality TV, salsa dancing, takeout and swearing more than you would assume.


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Woman-Owned Business

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Nicole at Zilla is the must needed stress relief Christine and I have needed for our wedding! Obviously there’s a lot that needs to get done and I can’t tell you how valuable it is to have someone who’s been through the process and knows exactly what needs to get done and personalized just for YOU. We’ve spoken to friends and family and everyone is REALLY GOOD at advising on what made THEM happy for their special day but they seem to forget that it’s about YOU as a couple and your family, Nicole understands that and gears everything to best fit your needs, whether she plays a small part or large, she is ready and willing to do what it takes to help on your special day, Thank you Nicole!
Dillon G.

Nicole has been with me the whole year of planning our April wedding! Since I’m in Texas we had a long distance relationship, which was amazing! Always looked forward to our calls! She helped me with all my crazy questions, advice and truly became a really good friend! She let me text her all day long if I had questions or needed a second opinion! There is a lot of pieces of planning you don’t even think about, I think once a call she told/ showed me something I didn’t even think of doing! She even booked a flight to come to my wedding 😭 but since COVID19 we had to postpone (but still had a small family only ceremony) I 100% recommend using her for your planning needs!
Rachel S.

She’s fantastic, has great energy, and wonderful style ❤️
Kristina G.

Kristin D


You are engaged. Now what!? You kinda have an idea, but this is a big day. Let’s not leave things up to you trying to manage all the wedding planning, a full time job, social life, family, friends – it’s a lot. It’s going to feel oh-so-good to have a neutral person in your corner, advocating for you and guiding you through the wedding planning process.

Wedding Management

Aka – day of coordination! You are ready to pin and plan – but you are looking for Zilla to set you up for major success on the actual wedding day. Smart cookie! You need someone to advocate and execute your vision throughout the wedding day and help manage Uncle Eddie and his affinity for whisky.

Partial Planning

The happy medium between Full Service and Wedding Management. You actually want a piece of the wedding planning pie, but love the idea of collaborating with Zilla throughout the wedding planning process, then this option is for you. I mean honestly, it’s more fun that way.


It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show – with major veto power. Full Service planning is pretty dang glorious as Zilla takes the lead on EVERYTHING (pretty much) and you get to just answer the questions I have, so that your unique story is told through the experience we create for you and your guests.

  Wedding Coaching

Are you feeling alone? Don’t know where to start with your wedding planning? It’s officially overwhelming and you are over it?! Things are plugging along on the checklist – but some things have come up, nevermind – all the things have come up. You have chatted with your mom, partner, therapist, but how does that now translate to the wedding?

You actually (secretly) enjoy planning your wedding and aren’t looking for someone to take it over. Collaboration sounds amazing!

Maybe you are having a “simple wedding” but you still need a little help, you don’t think you need a wedding planner, but gosh, wouldn’t it be nice!? You have a budget, but yea – you still want your guests to have a lovely time and are tired of stressing the F-out!!

Wedding planning expertise without the giant price tag.


OMG! Seriously!? Yes, seriously!

How I work with you

Glad you could join the party! I personally invite you to let your hair down, enjoy a ‘cup a-jo’ (or whatever you fancy) and tell me all the deets.

Either through wedding coordination services, wedding coaching or a lil bit of both – consider me your wedding coach and coordinator, here to guide you through all those lovely, but many wedding decisions.

I get it, wedding planning gets complicated real fast – and I want you to be empowered, so you look back on your wedding day and the process to getting there, with joy. I work with couples not just to ‘make it cute’ but by digging a level deeper to coach you through the process of wedding planning, BOTH the emotional AND logistical goodness. Yep, I do BOTH! I know, I’m pretty excited about it too 😉

Your marriage is a big deal, let’s be thoughtful about it. You deserve it.


Forward Thinkers – Wedding Fest PDX – Virtual Wedding Planning

Forward Thinkers – Wedding Fest PDX – Virtual Wedding Planning

By Carolyn Pruitt

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed just about everything when it comes to how we connect with each other and the wedding industry is no exception. While traditional wedding expos have been forced to adapt during the pandemic, cancelling and postponing as cases rise, and adjusting their focus to adapt to changing consumer habits, Nicole Herinckx with Zilla has stepped in to fill the gap. With this year’s Wedding Fest PDX she’s bringing the best wedding advice and inspiration to your living room with a series of five virtual discussions featuring some of the most renowned experts and local vendors in the region…